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Christian Van Allen, author

I was deeply immersed in Big Sur's mystique for 45 years. You cannot live there without wanting to write about it. In trying to find a place to start a story, 'Raising Mary Jane' was born. It is my first novel and I hope you enjoy it.

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Everyone who has visited Big Sur has felt diminished by its power and beauty. We all have that in common. It's a thread that connects us, whether we're locals or just visiting. I'm hoping to find a way to embrace those who have lived there, and continue to live there, while enhancing the visiting experience through education and discussion.

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I want to start an ongoing discussion about the issues facing Big Sur today, it's sensitivities, and vulnerabilities and help the traveling public to understand what is going on, what is at stake, and what the local view is. There's still room to enjoy Big Sur, but traveler awareness is key, and it all starts with discussion and a little education.

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