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What They're Saying About Raising Mary Jane

"The flavor of 1970s Big Sur comes through this rollicking tale. A real page turner. I was either laughing or holding my breath!"— JT Endersby

"The effort, determination, daring, and skill that is exhibited by Wes in this book is at a whole other level  entirely. A fun ride from the first turn of dirt to the last clip of unwanted leaf. Blood, sweat, danger, and love rounded into a great read."

—Larry Durlach

"The author has a meticulous, yet easy-to-read way of brining you into the moment. The book does not stay on the book stand long."—Jill McBride

"This book has a 'behind the scenes' feeling about it. The author puts us through stomach-knotting tension but has a fine sense of humor. I completely enjoyed it!"

—Carolyn Cole

"An exciting tale set along the beautiful Big Sur coast. Who knew all this was going on in those mountains? A good read that's hard to put down."

—Amy Cagle

Love the gentle rhythm of Christian’s writing... I too spent some time living in Big Sur, (15 years), enjoyed the memories the book provides... passed it along for my love to read, so it will be fun to share his experience

—Sami Gamble

I lived in Big Sur in the 1970's and know much of the coast described in Christian's fun writing. He captures a wide range of experience from those years: the danger of forest fires, the romance of moonlit star parties at Nepenthe, and of course the living-on-the-edge world of growing pot complete with all the characters you can imagine. I knew of the guerrilla pot farmers, but none wrote up their stories until now. Enjoy his well written and insightful adventures. If you've never been there, let Christian guide you back through time to Big Sur. It's still there.

—Brian Steen